Rainer Bender


I grew up in Baden-Baden and after studying architecture in Karlsruhe, I decided to focus on a variety of things in my professional life.
In addition to my work at the Institut für Tragkonstruktionen (Institute of Building Structures) at the University of Karlsruhe, and designing lights and architecture for private and public clients, I was actively involved in developing and realising designs for Norbert Bender Bauträgergesellschaft mbH – my father's company.
Having worked with my wife, Regina, on the complex development of the Aqua Aurelia, right down to the smallest detail, I decided – with support from her and our daughter, Katharina – to make the management of the hotel my new professional focus.
Thanks to our presence as architects and hosts, the modern yet timeless design which was developed especially for the complex can be experienced at all times and in all areas of the hotel.

Regina Bender


I was born and raised in the beautiful Black Forest.
As a schoolgirl, I gained experience in gastronomy and hospitality from scratch in my family's inn in the mountains.
Since studying architecture in Karlsruhe and Zurich, I have been working alongside my husband as a planner.
We have both previously worked for the Institute of Building Structures, which is where we met over 30 years ago.
An example of our work besides the hotel complex is the renovation of the railway station in Baden Oos, for which we won two architecture prizes, including being named as Germany's "Station of the Year" in 2010.
By building our hotel in this historically significant place, I have been able to make the vision of my dissertation come true.
Since completing her Master of Science degree at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, our daughter, Katharina, has been actively involved in managing our hotel.
Her son, Johannes Theodor, was born in February, and he has filled our lives with joy.
I look forward to welcoming you to our hotel, which I hope will bring you closer to the beauty and quality of life in our region.

Katharina Bender


In my family, hospitality is a 250-year-old tradition. Therefore, after completing my engineering degree, I decided to join the family business.
I completed my additional journeyman's examination to become a hotel manager with enthusiasm for my subject, and I am soon to start a course to become a training instructor.
The birth of my son, Johannes Theodor Bender, earlier this year, marked the start of the 4th generation of our family! His "desk" is in the playpen in my office, and he likes cuddles and seeing his grandparents.
We all work together to coordinate our individual departments for a harmonious operation. My pet project is to advance the digitisation of our company, so that we all have more time for our guests, who are of course of utmost important to us.