Baden-Baden Merkur

You can easily reach Baden-Baden's nearest mountain by taking the mountain railway, or on foot, by following one of the panoramic hiking trails. At the top, you will be welcomed by a breath-taking view of the city and surrounding Black Forest, as well as the cosy “Merkurstüble” inn.

Baden-Baden Lichtentaler Allee

Lichtentaler Allee
This 2.3-km-long promenade, which helped to cement Baden-Baden’s reputation as the “Summer Capital of Europe” in the 19th century, leads from Goetheplatz, along the River Oos, down the Museum Mile, and to Lichtenthal Abbey. The spacious landscaped park offers walkers a thrilling natural spectacle in all seasons.

Baden-Baden Gönneranlage

If you cross the Josephine Bridge on your walk down Lichtentaler Allee, you will find a splendid Art Nouveau garden. From May to October, around 400 varieties of roses bloom in the Gönneranlage, while the Josephine Fountain makes a splash.

Baden-Baden Rosengarten

Rosenneuheitengarten (Rose Society Garden)
A must for garden lovers! At the foot of Beutig Hill lies the Rosenneuheitengarten (Rose Society Garden) — a sea of colour, in which the Gartenamt Baden-Baden hosts the Internationaler Rosenneuheitenwettbewerb (International Rose Society Garden Festival) every year. The garden is easily accessible from Moltkestrasse.

Baden-Baden Altes Schloss

Altes Schloss (Old Castle)
Dramatically located on the slope of Battertfelsen (Battert Rock), the Old Castle was home to the margraves of Baden for centuries. The well-maintained ruin is free to visit. The highest tower offers a stunning view of the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley. The circular route, which passes the Ritterplatte vantage point and Battert Rock, is recommended for nature lovers.