Enjoy the lifestyle of the Belle Epoque in Europe's historic summer capital, on a fantastic 215 sqm of living space. The rooftop Vincenti One Suite was exclusively, luxuriously and imaginatively furnished in 2009 as a luxury apartment.

For example, it has an increased ceiling height, and all floors are made either from real natural stone or solid parquet. The handcrafted panel doors in white lacquer with brass fittings, some of which are infilled with cut glass, give rise to nostalgic feelings, as do the columns with capitals in the living area and the modern interpretations of antique furniture. The dream suite has 4 separate bedrooms (3 double rooms and 1 single room) with 4 bathrooms, an additional separate WC, and a fully-equipped granite kitchen. There is also a lavish dining and living area, featuring seats made of extremely soft ivory-colored goatskin leather.

  • 215 m2 surface area
  • Luxury suite with a generous living and dining area, and a fully-equipped kitchen
  • 4 separate bedrooms
  • 3 twin rooms
  • 1 single room
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 1 WC
  • Bamboo parquet flooring
  • Air conditioning in all rooms
  • three TVs
  • City tax of Baden-Baden
    € 3,80

Our prices are non-binding and can be changed by us without previous announcement. All present price lists lose their validity.

  • Garage in the hotel
  • Breakfast buffet, adult
    €21.50 per person
  • Breakfast buffet, teen
    €12.50 per person
  • Breakfast buffet, child
    free for under-12s
  • Extra bed, teen (aged 12+)
    €55.00 per night
  • Extra bed, child (aged 3-11)
    €35.00 per night
  • Cot (for babies aged 0-2)
  • Twin beds
  • Pets
    €30.00 per night
  • Flower bouquet, small
    €15.00 per bouquet
  • Flower bouquet, large
    €35.00 per bouquet
  • Cake (small) from Café König
    €30.00 per cake
  • Birthday package 1 (small cake and small bottle of Champagne)
    €45.00 per package
  • Birthday package 2 (small cake and small bouquet of flowers)
    €45.00 per package
  • Honeymoon package (room decoration and a bottle of Prosecco)
    €35.00 per package
  • Wedding package (large bouquet of flowers and a bottle of Prosecco)
    €45.00 per package
  • Welcome drink
  • First filling of the mini-bar
  • Caracalla Spa: 2-hour ticket not incl. sauna
    €19.00 per person
  • Caracalla Spa: 2-hour ticket incl. sauna
    €24.00 per person
  • Daily newspaper
  • Extra pillow
  • Swimming bag with bath towel
  • Bedding for allergy sufferers

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