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Sights in Baden-Baden


In the northern Black Forest the mountain Merkur is on the district of the towns of Baden-Baden and Gernsbach. He was named after the old roman God and lies 668 meters high. You can reach the house mountain of Baden-Baden quite comfortably with one of the most modern and most precipitous cablecars of Europe.

Lichtentaler Allee (Lichtentaler Alley)

The alley is 2,300 meters long and begins at the Goethe square and goes next to the Oos up to the monastery square in Lichtental, a part of town of Baden-Baden. Of a legend from the year 1655 according to the hall way from the monastery was put on in Lichtental to the urban market by the chamberlain Moritz von Lassolaye. Later between 1850-and 1870 it was redisgned of the gambling house tenant Bénazet in a landscape park. 300 different local and exotic trees and plants are to be admired there.


The 1.6 hectare Gönneranlage which was build in 1909-1912 is one of the nicest historical gardens of Baden-Baden and a garden piece of art of European meaning. The hedge garden with architecture elements was named after the Baden-Baden Lord Mayor, Albert Gönner. All together the Gönneranlage offers 251 kinds of patch roses, 33 high-level trunk roses, 46 climbing roses, 43 shrub roses and 28 funereal roses in about 11,000 copies in the time of the rose blossom.

Rose Society Garden (Rosengarten)

The rose garden is lacated in the Moltkestrasse in Baden-Baden. Because he lies directly on the house mountain Beutig, he is hardly to be missed. There is a good signposting and you can reach him easily on foot.

Old castle (Altes Schloss)

The old castle was built in the hillside of the Battert rock and was the first family domicile of the margraves of Baden. In 1102 the upper castle was started to build as castle Hohenbaden and between 1372-1431 they build the gothic untercastle. From margraves Jakob 1431-1453 extends once more. The castle had 100 rooms, however, was destroyed at the end of 16-th century by a fire. Then in 1830 the ruins were protected structurally.