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Aqua Aurelia - Since 2000 years...

Baden-Baden is looking back at a long traditional history in which cure, rehabilitation and wellness spa plays a major role until today. The handed down Roman tradition ranging from archaeological discoveries to examples of classicism and recent past determine the atmosphere and ambience of the Spa quarter where our Hotel is located.

Yet the ancient Roman appreciated the warm springs and their healing effects.

69-79 AD they began to build the Spa quarter underneath the thermal springs and called this settlement Aquae.

213-217 AD The emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius expanded and refurbished the Spa quarter in a luxurious way.

This caused that, Aquae advanced to Aquae Aurelia the center of Civitas Aureliae Aquensis. 

Middle of the 3rd Century Baden-Baden was occupied by the Alemanni who destroyed the Spa quarter.

During construction of the public underground parking, which is directly connected with the underground parking lot of the Aqua Aurelia Suitenhotel, 

remains of an ancient bath for soldiers had been found which was the basis for a museum of ancient bathing culture.

The AQUA AURELIA Suitenhotel is located right in the middle of these ancient extensive bathing area, next to the undulating and terraced Old Town which inspires to Mediterranean impressions. Next to the Sophienboulevard with its traditional and typical strolling atmosphere, the green corridor of the ‘Seufzerallee’ and immediate vicinity to the new Caracalla-Therme. 

Until today you can feel the ‘Genius Loci’ the spirit of that place, the breeze of history by means of surrounding buildings, the dome of ‘Friedrichsbad’ and the former steam bath, as well as the stunning and unique location at the foot of the ‘Florentiner Mountain’.